• Sustainable Palm Bay is:

    Locally grown food

  • Sustainable Palm Bay is:

    Clean water, air, land

  • Sustainable Palm Bay is:

    Sharing, recycling, and conservation

  • Sustainable Palm Bay is:

    Energy - using it wisely

  • Sustainable Palm Bay is:

    Environmental stewardship

  • Sustainable Palm Bay is:

    Economy, ecology, equity

Welcome to the Sustainable Palm Bay site!

Issues of climate change, energy efficiency, water conservation, and environmental impacts are all concerns society is facing on a local, regional, national and global scale. Palm Bay understands that these issues will affect quality of life today and for generations to come. As a major employer, land owner, fleet operator, utility owner and consumer of goods and services, Palm Bay has a unique opportunity and capability to facilitate significant improvements in sustainable practices for its community. With this understanding, Palm Bay is committed to reducing its environmental footprint and initiating programs to make City of Palm Bay a sustainable community.

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